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Student Government Association

The College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Student Government Association (HASS SGA) is dedicated to bringing together the entire student body in collaborative and creative ways to further academic goals, create learning communities, and to provide a forum for effective communication and networking. The HASS SGA serves to foster relationships among students, as well as between students and the faculty, administration, and staff of the HASS. The overall purpose of the HASS SGA is to enhance the academic experiences of the student body in collaboration with the administrative goals and objectives of the programs within HASS as represented by the faculty.

Student Bylaws   Guidelines for Clubs


Executive officers

President: Sharon McIntyre

Vice President: James Teall

Secretary: Ilise Beasley

Treasurers: Aeryel "Sunshine" Williams


College of Student Affairs Representative: David Durkee

Conflict Analysis and Resolution Representative: Yehuda Silverman

Family Therapy Representative: John Soria

International Students Representative: Onur Yuksel

Cross-Disciplinary Studies Representative: Stacey Burch

National Security Affairs Representative: Gita Neemar

Online Students Representative: Christopher Davis

SGA Board

SGA Board Member At Large: Charlene Mcadory

SGA Board Member At Large: Shalana Carson

SGA Board Member At Large: Sheila Fabius

SGA Board Member At Large: Jennifer Jones

SGA Board Member At Large: Jessica Taylor

SGA Board Member At Large: Michelle Thomas


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christine Ajayi